Consequences Of Not Analyzing Arc Flash Hazard And Benefits Of Attending To These

Because they will be dire for any industrial business owner and his staff, the consequences of not looking out for an arc flash hazard will be belted out from the outset. Thereafter, this short health and safety note will briefly reveal the benefits of carrying out a professionally managed arc flash hazard analysis. Under the full guidance of the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and its Section 5 (a) (1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is always recommended that qualified and licensed engineering professionals and specialist risk managers conduct the required arc flash hazard analysis. 

Here are the consequences of unguarded arc flash hazard occurrences within the industrial work space. Statistically speaking, an electrically induced injury occurs in the work place after the occurrence of an arc flash. The arc flash or arc blast occurs within fractions of a second. Typical injuries for victims of this hazard are skin burns, respiratory challenges, the loss of hearing and eye damage. And it is the most basic of work place deficiencies that could so easily be avoided that produce such disasters.

Good housekeeping is always essential to avoid the accumulation of dust and occurrence of condensation and corrosion. Such housekeeping also includes the proper use of tools and careful avoidance of accidental contact. Good housekeeping is good risk management. It can safeguard against faulty installations and equipment failures. Benefits of professionally managed inspections and monitoring include the improvement of employee safety, regulatory compliance, the correct and complete documenting and labeling of all electrical panels and the supportive administration of workers’ compensation claims whenever necessary.

arc flash hazard analysis

It should go without saying that the use of professionalism goes some way towards protecting the industrial complex’s bottom line as well.